4 Tips For Successful Lawyer-Client Relationships

Lawyer-Client Relationships Tips

At the Kushner Law Group, we know that litigation can be very stressful. Clients often come into our offices when they are dealing with an unexpected problem and they need the help of an experienced and capable lawyer to resolve their issue. In the areas of wills variation and estate litigation, we find that these cases are often the first time our clients have needed a lawyer. As a result, we have developed 4 tips to help clients build successful lawyer-client relationships:

1) Make a Time Line

Although you may be very familiar with the facts of your case, your lawyer only knows about the information that you are presenting. Providing a lawyer with a chronology of events or a time-line gives the lawyer a chance to take an over-heard view and see how the problem has developed over time.

2) Include All of the Facts

Often people are concerned about giving too much information and leave out critical facts or events. Lawyers are trained to think analytically and it’s important that you provide all of the details.

3) Tell The Truth

Discussions between you and your lawyer are protected by a very very high standard of confidentiality and it is important that you be 100% truthful with your lawyer so that your lawyer can prepare the strongest case on your behalf.

4) Documents, Documents and Documents

The expression “the proof is in the pudding” is very appropriate for lawsuits and the metaphorical pudding is usually the documentation. Providing all documents in your possession allows your lawyer to get a better understanding of what evidence there may be to prove a case.

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