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At the Kushner Law Group, we handle various types of estate litigation and family law litigation claims on a regular basis. In some ways, these two practice areas intersect as they often deal with disputes that can be grounded in family dynamics. One of the common threads throughout many of these cases is that much of the acrimony, and cost, can often be avoided through the use of properly drafted and legally binding agreements. One of the most common agreements that our office recommends is a cohabitation agreement.

Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation agreements are intended for people who are in relationships who are or intend to become common-law spouses. The status of common-law spouse attaches when you and your partner have lived together in a marriage like relationship for at least two years. Once you become a common-law spouse, the division of property regime as set out in the Family Law Act becomes applicable to you.

Cohabitation agreements are useful for partners who wish to avoid litigation and want to opt-out of the property division regime set out in the Family Law Act. Cohabitation agreements can set out the parameters for division of current property owned by either party or for future property that the couple intends to purchase. Cohabitation agreements can also deal with issues related to support, division of chattels (physical property), division of bank accounts and pension plans.

Vancouver Family Law Lawyers

If you are in a relationship and are considering whether a cohabitation agreement is appropriate for you, contact the Kushner Law Group today to schedule a consultation.



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