First Steps in Probate as an Executor to a Will

When you are appointed as an Executor to a will or decide to apply to become Administrator of an estate, one of the first tasks that will be required of you is to prepare for the probate process. Probate, at its essence, is a process by which the Supreme Court of British Columbia verifies that a will is valid and grants authority for an administrator or executor to obtain information about an estate to eventually distribute the funds to the named beneficiaries or the intestate successors.

Estates that have values of less than $25,000 do not usually need to be probated and no probate fee is payable. There are some circumstances where foreign banks may require grants of probate even for amounts lower than $25,000.

When an executor wishes to apply for probate (and has located a valid and signed Will), the first step in the process is the notification stage, wherein the executor must notify the beneficiaries listed under the will, the persons who would be entitled to be beneficiaries in the case of an intestacy and spouses or children of the Deceased (who may have a claim to vary the will).

If you have been appointed as an Executor to an Estate or intend to apply to become an Administrator, contact the Kushner Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

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