Issues to Consider When Making a Will in Vancouver

At the Kushner Law Group, we have helped many clients with the drafting of their wills. It is very satisfying to assist clients in helping them carefully consider their estate planning goals and providing them with the certainty and security in having a binding, properly drafted will.

Here are 4 of the major issues that people should consider when preparing to draft a will.

1) Who is going to be the executor


The executor is a person named in the will who is responsible for carrying out the wishes of the Deceased as set out in the will. Couples will often name each other as executor. It is also important to consider naming a back-up executor, especially in circumstances where couples have named each other to avoid a situation where there is no executor named in the case of a common disaster


2) Who are the beneficiaries?


The beneficiaries are the intended recipients of the estate of the Deceased. It is important to consider also naming back-up beneficiaries in case of a circumstance where the first named beneficiary pre-deceases the will-maker.


3) Are they any specific items of sentimental or actual value that you want to gift?


Many people have family heirlooms or other treasures which they wish to remain in their family even if they are married. It is important consider whether any specific items ought to be given to specified beneficiaries.


If you would like to draft a will or have other questions regarding estate planning, contact the Kushner Law Group today to schedule a consultation.


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