Making Mediation Work

As estate and family litigation lawyers all know, mediation can be a very effective tool in resolving disputes in a manner acceptable to all parties. At Kushner Law, we are fervent believers that mediation can be a timely and cost-effective tool to allow all the parties to come to a resolution within their control. When matters are adjudicated in Court, the parties give up their ability to create a flexible solution.

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Here are three tips to make mediation more effective:


1) Prepare a statement in advance


Mediations allow litigating parties to speak to each other in a less formal and confrontational manner than in Court. A helpful step towards resolution is when parties have the chance to feel heard. Opening statements allow parties to do so and preparing a statement in advance and reviewing it with your counsel will ensure your statement has the intended effect.


2) Be Prepared to be Flexible


Mediated solutions can take many different forms and do not necessarily have to look a judgment from a court. Flexible solutions especially in emotional estate and family cases allow individual litigants to come to a resolution that works for them


3) Follow the Process


Litigant can sometimes approach mediation like a business negotiation and will want to put their offer on the table and horse trade until there is a resolution. Mediators are trained to bring parties together towards resolution and they have a process which they prefer to follow to reach these goals. Being patient and following a mediator’s process is necessary for productive mediation.


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