Becoming Administrator of an Estate

Estate litigation lawyers will always harp on the importance of having a will. When someone dies without a will, they are considered to have died intestate. In the situation of an intestacy, someone must apply to be the Administrator of the Estate of the Deceased. The Administrator’s role is similar to that of an Executor except that the Administrator provides the estate proceeds to the intestate successors as determined by the structure set out in the Wills, Estates and Succession Act, rather then to named beneficiaries in a Will.  Administrators of Estates are typically one of the intestate successors to the estate of the Deceased and must notify the other intestate successors of their desire to become Administrator. This is done through the use of a P1 notice which is mailed to each of the intestate successors. If  21 days after mailing, there are no objections received, the proposed Administrator can apply to the Court using a form P2 to seek a grant of administration

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