Using Case Conferences Effectively In Family Law

Judicial Case Conferences are mandatory steps in every family law proceeding filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. A judicial case conference is the first (and often only) opportunity for the parties to sit together in a room with their counsel and a judge or master and attempt to see if there are any issues that can be resolved without the need for further litigation. To make the most of a Judicial Case Conference, we suggest the following:


1) Enter the JCC with an agenda of issues that you would like to discuss. The Judge or Master presiding over the JCC will direct the proceedings however it is important to be prepared with a list of issues that you want to address.


2) Provide disclosure well in advance. It is not productive to attempt to ambush the opposing party with new documentation at the JCC. If there are documents that you intend to refer to, it is helpful to provide them well in advance.


3) Be prepared to negotiate and compromise. Resolving issues at a case conference can save substantial time as well as litigation cost. However effective negotiation requires compromise from all sides so it is important to be prepared to be flexible and enter into good faith negotiations.


4) Stay calm. Case conference can get emotional especially if they are occurring following a dramatic break-up. It is important to stay calm and ask for a break if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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